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How to make your next fundraising event a success

Posted on January 23, 2015 by Kera Lenart | 0 comments

When setting up a silent or live auction sometimes the greatest setbacks are deciding which packages to put up for auction and what type of events will be attractive to your guests. Knowing your guests hobbies and interests can definitely help you when making your choices but you might find that you are still missing key niche areas that you wish to attract. National Collectors Gallery has set up four different package types to help make planning your next event a giant success!

  1. Sporting events

If you're planning your event around a golf tournament, it’s safe to assume that most of your attendees love to play golf. Offer an auction travel package that includes a chance to play on a premium golf course, such asPebble Beach or Pinehurst, or send them on a trip watch a professional golf tournament like the PGA Championship.

If you are raising money for a specific sport or athletic program it makes sense to offer a package that relates. For example, tennis club boosters could create a winner’s choice raffle that includes a trip to see the U.S. Open Tennis Championship.

Other more general sporting events, such as a walk-a-thon or 5K run can make it harder to pinpoint your audience's interests. In these cases it can make more sense to offer a “choose your own” travel package, such as Choose Your Championship or the Ultimate Pro Sports Fan Getaway.

  1. Themes  

If your event has a theme, try procuring items that complement it. For example, if your organization decides to host a luau, offer auction packages that tie with tropical vacations to Hawaii or the Caribbean

Other event themes such as a casino night are a great place to offer trips to Vegas. If your event has a nautical theme, packages such as a Royal Caribbean Cruise or America’s Cup Yacht Sailing in San Francisco are a perfect fit. Other water themes can incorporate packages like our San Diego Theme Park Adventure with tickets to SeaWorld.

  1. Wine

Wine is lovely because it goes with just about anything – not to mention it is an immensely popular auction item. Regardless of your theme or audience, most people who attend fundraising galas appreciate the value of good wine – and it’s the reason our Experiences to Napa Valley and Sonoma County are consistently the best selling travel packages we offer. The opportunity to bid on an incredible trip to Napa Valley may be all the motivation a donor needs to RSVP "yes."

  1. Entertainment

When pairing an auction event with some form of entertainment such as comedy, live music or a dance, consider items that stretch the experience. You can offer a number of entertainment packages ranging fromBroadway shows in New York City to Jazz performances in New Orleans. If you are hosting an event with a “red carpet” experience, consider offering an auction travel package with VIP tickets to an Award Show in Los Angeles – the entertainment capitol of the world.

Donors who are interested in your fundraiser will be more likely to attend if you complement the event with the right auction packages. Consider ways to enhance your event with items that tie in with the overall theme and match your audience's interests. 




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